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Heated Mirrors

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Where I live heated mirrors are a real convenience 3 out of the 4 seasons due to frost and dew points. Has anybody added heated mirrors (stock, after market, or otherwise) to a Altima that doesn't have the cold package ? Can this even be done mechanically and at a reasonable cost ? What parts are needed besides the obvious ones (mirrors)? Maybe an after market set-up ???

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Are the heated mirrors standard on the 3.5 SE? I tried to look for it's operation in the manual, but couldn't find anything on it. The brochure says that it is a std feature for the car. Does it work along with the rear defrosters?
Most all systems for any car work when u turn on the defroster(s).
I think for the maximas, it's a separate switch right by the mirror controls. Also, the maximas (at least my 93 maxima...i'll also verify w/my brother's 2k maxima) don't shut the heated mirrors off automatically like the rear defroster does. it was a part of the "cold package".
It's really handy...when it rains, i turn it on and i can see what's behind me. Works faster than the rear defroster.
1SICKLEX said:
Most all systems for any car work when u turn on the defroster(s).
yes, that's how the alty's works - with the defroster switch.
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