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First off I have grown to absolutely hate this car due to constant radio issues.
I have a standard radio, no screen except the basic display. I have bluetooth on it and have previously used it on many devices. I changed phones (it is compatible, settings are good and has no issues connecting to any other bluetooth) while my phone says pair with "my car" my altima is not registering my phone, no sound is coming out of speakers on Spotify, calls, etc. Done everything you can think of and nothing. The only things I am u able to do to try for a possible fix is factory reset my radio(I can only find how to do that on display versions, and my altima is also not letting me delete previously connected devises. I don't have the option. THE ONLY thing it will say when I press the speak button it searching for phone, add phone, replace phone, help.
I've tried to replace and add, both show connected on my phone however not through car. It acts like it's connected but with no audio at all and my phone is not listed on altimas devices ?? Any suggestions?
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