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Hey there Nissan Clubbers, i have been researching a part for my car and can't seem to find the part anywhere. I am fairly knowledgeable but this is annoying so as a last resort i am asking for help.

my car: 2002 Nissan Altima 3.5 se
part description: about an inch and a half long and about 2 inches in diameter
it resembles a bell, if you open the hood and look at the top left hand side you see it.
possible names: power valve actuator or idle control valve (my friends suggestion on the later)

my car has a vacuum problem on the start apparently. i start it and have to give it a lot of gas before it dies. once started no issues AT ALL.

a side picture of what it is...

its the small bell looking thing on the left side

Thanks again !! im looking forward to contributing on this site.
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