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Hi! I had a request to take some pictures of the trunk and also to post some measurements, so here they are. Please note that I have the Bose system, so that is the Bose amplifier hanging from the rear package tray.

I also added a cargo net to the passenger side of the car. I did not purchase my car this way, so don't be scared that you didn't get the passenger side net when you brought your new Alty home! Here you go!!

PS - If you see any red x's, Click here!

The wheel humps are 25 inches deep along the floor

The trunk is 40 inches deep and 37 inches wide between the wheels.

Behind the wheels, where the trunk gets wider, it is 56 inches wide. I am not taking into account the areas behind the side cargo nets. They are about 2 inches deap on each side.
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