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Alright, I'm kind of new to this whole thing with this message board, so I'm hoping I'm posting this in this right place since it's "General Nissan Altima Discussion"...

Anyway, I recently bought a 1998 Nissan Altima GXE, love the car, now figuring out what to do with it...

To be honest, I don't know that much about cars, so if there could be a few nice people out there...


Now I'm not asking for someone to stick around the next 12 hours and tell me everything but I'm just curious on some general stuff...

About the 60,000 mile tune up, what to do, and how much?

What do I need to do to make the ride a little more comfy? Less bounce, better handling at higher speeds, smoother, less roll on sharper turns, that kind of stuff, what to do, and how much.

Also, I know this is kinda rice-ish, but, is it worth getting a magnaflow muffler? In all seriousness, is it really worth it? Too loud if I just do that? Sound?

No worries, no altezza lights or god awful kit and huge spoiler, but I am curious, will the 00' and 01' GLE red, white, red lights fit on mine? Cause I was thinking of those or the 99' SE-L lights.

Basically, I wanna do whatever I can to my car, but keep it legal, so I know I'm going to have some limits, but you know, little faster, handle a little better, but legal.

I'm in California, so I know enough that, emissions and junk is kinda hard, so eh.

Thankies to anyone who can help me out~!

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yes, the lights will fit.
if you want a spoiler, go with the factory spoiler.
Now, not all mufflers are loud. You can choose one that you think is the best. And no, mufflers are not rice, unless they got a huge opening or extremely loud.
Check your documentation for tune ups. It should list all parts to be checked at specific amount of miles.
To make your ride more comfy, you need to look into suspension mods. Thing such as springs, struts, strut bars (for sharper turns)and etc. You're looking at about $500 to get all that. Maybe even more.
And then finally, check out some engine mods such as intakes, catbacks and etc, etc, etc.
Good luck!

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Just curious though, would a magnaflow muffler really help anything performance-wise? Also, how is the sound? Will it be overly loud or anything if I just change the muffler [not mod anything else]? Is magnaflow even the best maker? I just want something a little quiet, you know? Can anyone tell me about it?

I think the suspension mods seem good for the price and all, assuming it'll be more comfy and handle better and whatnot.

Can anyone give me on some exact things for it?

Like, what to ask for or have done exactly?

Springs, strut bars, and what else? Like, what exactly do I need/need to do?

It's probably the most likely thing I'll do.

Also what other stuff can I do that's all legal, that'll be nice, excluding things really cosmetic.

I know there won't be too much, but anything legal I can do?

I just wanna thank everyone in advance...

I feel kinda dumb, heh, I just really kinda, don't know much about cars, so I feel a little outta place, and I know this sounds like, really bad, but like, basically, all I want, is the car a little faster, handle a little better, but be 100% legal.

All I've done so far is have the rear windshield tinted 20%, and the back 2 sides 30%. Everything else is stock.

I'm contemplating a sound system.
I'm contemplating a new muffler.
Definately will change the suspension for a smoother, less bumpy, less roll in turns, handle better, type thingy.

Performance-wise, whatever is legal.

I have about up to 1,000 to play with, so eh, what can I do?

Any suggestions?

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unfortuanlly in MOST cases you cannot have better handle and a better ride. Those two things are inversely proportionate, what you gain in one way you will usually loose in another :-/

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well first off welcome to .net
what most people will recomened first is the standard bolt ons
air intake (cai\wai) headers pulley and exauhst
i personaly love my music so that was the first thing i started
buy a good head unit and decent speakers to get by with......
no need for a sub yet or an amp both are costly and if u want to spread ur money as far as possible start small and buildup.
dont be redundent if possible it saves money overall.
do a lot of research people will flame u like u were a burger from bk if u dont use that search button at the top of the screen.
i know cali is a cunt so idk about headers for u....
but with ur 1000 id personally do a decent stereo system 400 , intake 200 and save the rest for suspension for a little bit....
research ur products well then buy dont be impulsive and stay away from ebay
good luck with ur alty

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As far as putting a system in, you can get some decent stuff for less. However, that all depends on what you want to do. If you're like me, then you're going to want to rip everything out and do something brand new. Otherwise, you can just replace the speakers in the doors and rear deck, get yourself a decent head unit, and be done with it.

As far as other stuff do it, it's all up to you. It's really easy to say "Hey, that sounds cool" and before you know it you've spent more on the car than its actually worth. But yeah, welcome, and good luck!

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are u an auto or 5spd? welll heres what id do if i were u....

1. cai or short ram, intakes are legal, dealerships dont care about that, at least mine doesnt (230 ish for cai, 100 ish for the short ram)

2. this is where my above ques comes into play.... if ur a stick id get a swa or ur pully(lighter crank pully) and a lighter flywheel, ACT clutch and a short throw shifter, i believe all that is legal, but really if its not, how is a cop gonna tell? (all this would be about 7-800ish)

3. if ur auto, valvebody upgrade and a new TC(torque convertor) and a tranny cooler, like said above, if its not legal, how can the cops tell? maybe when u chirp into 2nd gear.... but doubtful still (1000 ish)

4.rear sway bar and front strut tower bar, these 2 mods def improve handlin dramatically, ull love these 2 mods im almost sure of it, also tokico struts and h&rs or sprints since u want more of a comfy yet still good handlin car, G'Cs would be all ur money if u went that route (700ish)

5. brakes and pads ( 300ish dependin if u get those race rotors or jus stock oem replacement ones)

6.umm hmm, on to the exterior stuff.... factory spoiler, rims n tires, new lights etc (700ish)

i wouldnt worry about a muff if thats all ur gonna do, but if u do go that route i implore u to get the catback done, wont be too loud since ur not gettin a header(no more than 200 ish for a custom, lil more for a catback specifically made) what i mean is 2.25 all the way too the muff.

7.than the sound sys, do what u will, get a redtop optima batt and a better powered alternator, also consider caps aswell (price range i have no clue about since i have the F&F bug)

well i think that is about everythin, sorry i rambled on a lil bit, well whatever u do tho i wish u good luck and happy moddin :)

and welcoem to the boards too :)

ps. almosttttttt 4got, get a msd ignition and blastor coil, better mpg and smoother engine sounds a okay too me, new motor mounts, tranny mounts, groundin kit, ngk wires, copper plugs, and since ur obd2, id consider swappin to obd1(swappin ecus and intake harnesses, wow ok now im done i think, i promise :) (400-600ish ish)
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