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How to: Debadge

  1. Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
  2. Blockbuster Card or Credit Card
  3. Goof Off (Home Depot, $4.98)
  4. Car Wax

    Time: 10-20 Minutes

    1. Heat up the emblem with the heat gun or hairdryer.

    2. Take the Blockbuster card or Credit card and move it between the car and the emblem carefully. Should come off easily.

    3. There will still be some sticky stuff left but don't worry about it.

    4. Spray some Goof-off on a towel and remove the rest of the sticky stuff.

    5. Take the car wax, apply it to a towel and wax the spot you just used the Goof-off on.

    6. Repeat these steps to remove all the emblems.

    *Finished Product*

    Good Luck :)
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