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Hey guys/gals,
I know it's pretty simple to paint the tails but one or two easy-to-make mistakes can make a really crappy job, as I've seen on many Hondas etc.

I personally LOVE how the tails came out on my car...who cares if there are no Altezzas, those are PLAYED OUT. :)
It was super easy to do mine the way I did.

You'll need Testor's™ Transparent Candy Apple Red in a SPRAY (can be bought at hobby shop for $3 approx) , one can of clear coat (Tremclad works well), a SHARP Exacto™ knife, some old newspaper and a roll of masking tape.

1. use masking tape to make a precise frame around the orange (or white if you're 1995-97) part of the tail light. For the round parts just keep ripping off small pieces and overlapping them, each time changing the angle ever so slightly so it ends up "rounded". There is a very defined line around the orange/clear part, try to do it exactly on for easy knife tracing later. For reverse light lay some strips of tape over the whole thing and press it down, then cut around the lower groove with your Exacto for perfect spray coverage.

2. next tape some newspaper to the frame you've made, open the trunk etc...make sure no over spray will end up on the car! I recommend painting somewhere with NO WIND.

3. make sure the surface is pretty clean, but not wet

4. spray a thin coat (it will look ugly pink/orange at first, that's ok) of the Testor's Transparent Candy Apple Red on each side and let dry 30 minutes.

5. repeat step four 3 more times in THIN COATS!!!

6. allow to dry 2 hours, and then apply 2-3 coats of clear coat over the red, allowing 30 mins to dry between coats.

7. use an Exacto knife and lightly "trace" the edge where the paint meets the tape. MAKE SURE the knife is BRAND new of it will "tear" the paint and make a big mess. Same thing if you just rip the tape off without knifing it first, the paint will rip a bit at the seams.

DON'T SPRAY TOO MUCH AT ONCE. That is the key to the whole thing, THIN COATS. The Testor's paint is very thin and will drip if you spray too much at once. One more thing. If you mess up on the first coat, simply wipe the paint off and start over. This stuff comes off VERY easily in the first 24 hours with a bit of thinner on a rag.

Good luck!
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