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Ok, here is my quick how to, so if you dont get it, PM me or email me. But its really not that hard of a mod, so if you cant do it by the how to, hire a professional :p

1. Get a very short flat head screw driver.
2. stand outside your car and reach your arm into the dash while looking over from your windshield
3. Pop the thing up, Should look like this:

4. Disconnect the wire from that piece, just gotta squeeze the clip
5. once you get that piece out, your gonna have to remove the piece in my hand from the flat square thing.

6. Now, using two smaller screw drivers, you gotta slip them into the sides so that you can pull that black piece apart. Put one screw driver where the arrow is and one on the other side.

7. If you can get that apart, you will see something that looks like this sitting inside the bottom half, its the LED in that little rubber thing. The LED on the right is the one I put in.

8. I just took that whole thing out and soldered in a new led to the two prongs, test for polarity before doing so.

Good Luck :p :D :p

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nissan2k2 said:
how did you test for the polarity?? a multimeter? can you just tell me what color wires were the + / -. thanks
Its all about the gues and check method :D

Before I soldered the LED in, I just checked by hooking the hold up in my car.

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when you get a LED, MAKE SURE its the correct voltage. I got one from radioshack, part # 276-316 ($3.99) and its rated for 3.7 to 4.5 volts. not realizing this, I soldered it in and a few hours later it was very dim, and then stopped working. so make sure that when you get the LED its like a 12V version or something. what I ended up doing is: in the old led that comes with the car there is actually a small resistor, 1200 ohms (1.2KOhm) which is the correct match for the stock led. I just used that with the new led. at 1.2K ohm its a little too high of a resistance, but it worked. according to my calculations, (think McFly) it should be 380 Ohms which makes the voltage = 3.7V.

the formula is the resistance of the LED X2 for the resistor. for example:
LEDs resistance = 200 ohm, make the resistor you use with it 400 ohm. my radio shack led didnt list the resistance just that it was 3.7V and 20mA. in this case, divide the two numbers to get .185, which is 185 ohms. (its .185 because mA is milli amps, the decimal needs to be moved over 3 places)

oh, to get the correct polarity, look at the LED. you will notice that its like an arrow pointing to a wire. the direction the arrow is pointing is the direction the led has to go into the slot: when you removed the stock LED you will see that its keyed, one hole has a notch taken out of it, kinda an arrow shape. this is the side that the arrow in the led needs to be pointing to.

does all this make sense? ;)

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Finding polarity for an LED is simple,hold
a diode up with the two legs pointing straight
down, you will notice one leg is is longer than the other,
the diodes' longer leg represent where
the positive side of your DC voltage
should be connected.
hope this helps

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