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"After Christmas and New Year's Day, many friends and I have taken lots of photos. Now I want to share the photographs of winter landscapes and scenery and pictures of holiday decor with my friends, some suggest me that I can create a flash slideshow with the holiday pictures and share it online with friends. The problem is I don't know any flash skills, can anyone here suggest any small tool which is easy-to-use?"

You can easily create a winter holiday photo flash gallery with iFunia MagicShow on Mac, and upload the flash album on your blog or website, share with your family and friends. Follow our guide on how to make a holiday photo flash gallery below. It's easy and interesting and the process needs no flash skills at all.

Here's what you'll need:
Winter holiday pictures for web flash photo gallery
Some back ground music
iFunia MagicShow for Mac - Click to Download Free Trial

Download and install iFunia Magic Show for Mac
Download iFunia MagicShow for Mac and then install it by simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the application to your applications folder (or wherever you want).

Step 1: Add holiday photos to holiday flash photo gallery maker
Add the winter holiday photos you want by holding down mouse and dragging it to the panel. You can add up to 500 photos that you want to use, type in caption and drag to arrange the photos here. iFunia MagicShow for Mac supports a wide range of file formats for images.

Step 2: Choose from a variety of holiday flash templates
Click on Template tab and choose the winter holiday Flash template you like. All these Flash templates in the winter holiday Flash photo gallery software are ready-for-use. If you want to add background music to your winter holiday flash photo slideshow, just use the "Add music" built-in tool on the left side of the storyboard. You may check the option to control the background music looping or not.

Step 3: Preview and publish the winter holiday flash photo slideshow on Mac
Preview and if you are satisfied with your work, you can publish your holiday flash photo gallery in swf, html or exe or screensaver formats, or you can mail the winter holiday flash photo gallery to your friends directly.

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