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Hi all,

I have a 2.5S stock sound system and want to replace the rear speakers with probably 6x9 2 or 3 way speakers, but the thing is the rear top cover is like impossible to remove. It has plastics clips but two of them are difficult to reach and maybe something else is holding it aside from the clips.

Has anyone tried to replace these speakers and please tell me the "secret " in removing the back cover so i can reach the speakers?



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Try doing a search. I remember a thread about a month ago discussing it.

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I did a search, but all I could summarize is that there are plastic clips that need to be removed, 3 of them are under a metal brace and need a hole drilled to release. then once you do all this stuff you need to raise the speakers since they are too low and it rattles when you put it back together... I have 6X9 3 way bostons, is it going to be worth it? would old carpet dampen the rattle? :D

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since I went to hell in back to replace my rear speakers I will give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

1. Pull seats back.
2. Pop off all the plastic pieces in the long horizontal liner (the thing the seats latch to). You will notice there are 4 bolts total, not including the 4 fake looking ones. Just take the 4 off with socket wrench and pull back on the whole liner.
3. Now remove the tailamp and all the plastic pieces. You can do this by pushing forward (toward the rear of the vehicle) kind of hard and prying it upward with a flathead screwdriver. I ended up breaking one of the plastic pieces be careful.
4. Remove the side trim pieces. They pop right off. They will be a pain in the ass to get back on though when the job is done.
5. now get on your back and look up toward the rear deck. You will notice a few blue colored plastic pieces. You will need to get a pair of needle-nosed pliars, pinch the plastic pieces and push up. You should be able to have gotten the back dash piece half off by now.
6. You can finally pry off the whole rear dash piece. It's going to have to stay there while you install the speakers because the seatbelt is attached.
7. Now you can install your speakers. Don't even attempt to put them in without getting enough dynamat for the whole rear decklid because it will rattle like crazy.
8. Btw you will have to cut off the factory speaker harness and splice some extra wire to it because it probably won't reach.
9. Now put everything back on the way you got it off only backwards. First decklid, then side trim pieces, then the liner, and so on.

GL. It should probably take you about an hour if you follow the directions. You will need two different size sockets.

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