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I have a Nissan Altima 94.
I want to change the starter by my self.
Where I can find step by step instructions in order to change the starter.?
What is the weight of the starter in order to estimated cost for shipping and handling.?
There is any web place that I can see where is located the starter.?

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I replaced mine from underneath the car. It's rather easy. If you can borrow someone's hands for 15 minutes, it will help to hold the starter in place from up top while you bolt it in from underneath.

The starter is somewhat heavy....I would guess every bit of 15 lbs...maybe even more. I can't really remember. Go to a local parts store if possible and ask to see don't have to buy it there, but it will give you an idea.

Get yourself a Haynes manual....they are quite helpful. I doubt you will find step by step instructions anywhere other than a Haynes manual...

I think it's a failry easy job that anyone with common tool knowledge can do in under an hour.

Be sure to use either ramps or jackstands to support the car. DO NOT get under the car on a stock jack.

Good luck.
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