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Just thought that I would let you all know about my recent experience with Andy at HPAutoworks.

I went to the US for a family vacation and ordered the JWT Pop Charger, Stillen Short Shifter and a Momo shift knob. Andy had to ship the parts to our hotel in Minneapolis so that I could bring them back in the minivan duty free (saved a boat load of money).

Although Andy and I had never done business before, he made sure that all the parts were in stock when I called the day before I left Canada. He then made sure that all the parts were air freighted to me in Minneapolis. Given that I was only in the hotel for 3 business nights, this was exceptional of Andy and the team at HPAuto to do this.

Not only this, but Andy sold me items slightly different (but better) from what I wanted based on his knowledge, experience and wisdom. Perfect! Couldn't ask for anything more.

All the parts showed up in good condition and on time. Although the shipping was more than normal, it was significantly less than Customs brokerage fees and the Government share that would have been paid otherwise.

Anyone considering parts should give a HPAutoworks a fair shot at their business. They really do come through.

Just my ramblings.
BTW. the JWT and shift knob are installed, pics to follow on a later thread. The SS will have to wait for another weekend.

Ciao for now
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