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Hello there everyone! Hope everyone has a good day.
I have an issue related to my 2015 Nissan Altima SV, made in USA. When I started my car a message on the dashboard appeared and said " I-Key System Error See Owner's Manual". The engine started and everything was working fine. I was able to drive. The message then disappeared after some time on the previous 3 times. And it happened once again today but it did not disappear.
The key is working as intended and I have two keys; All buttons are working perfectly, remote start, lock and unlock, along with trunk and panic button are all working like a charm.
Is it a big problem in my car ? I am suspecting it would be related to the car's electrical system since the keys are working fine. Thus I am afraid the car would die in the middle of the road in case I don't fix this issue.
Wish you guys could help me and thanks in advance!

P.S: It rained a few days back so idk it may be the cause.
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