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Alright I'm looking around in advance for rims, or possibly finding them cheap on EBay sooner, but I have a few questions...

I have a 1998 Altima GXE...

Is it 4x100 or 4x114.3? [I'm assuming the 4 is for the 4 lugs...right?]

What's offset, and would +38mm be okay? What is the stock offset?

I have the stock rims right now, and stock size tires... 196/65/15 [something like that]

So, what's the deal with 15x6.5 and 15x7?

Which should I get to keep the tires I have right now?

Also how safe is it to buy used rims? I don't want them to collapse on me or break or something, you know? How safe would they be?

And also, any brands I should stay away from?

Thankies everyone~!
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