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And don't say Greddy cause I'm not spending $500 for that shit. I just want a muffler. I already bought a high flow cat.

I have a Aerospeed Carbon fiber now. But after reading that shit about the rattling it makes I'm selling it.

So who has a opinion?
If I can get another Carbon Fiber muffler I will.

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WHatever exhaust djsciascia has, it sounds AWESOME! When he nailed the gas driving away from the meet one day, it sounded soooo good. Everyone said the same thing. Email him about it. You won't be sorry.

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my old muffler was a remus
i loved the sound on that thing
very deep sounded like i have a v6 in there

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Ractive.. or 5Zigen like I got stuck with...

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Shotcalla said:
i don't have one... but what is wrong with it. i think it's ayight.
I feel the same way, but I guess people tend to be split into two groups when it comes to opinions on exhausts. Some people like the dual tips, and some like the single tip. It's all about preference. I like them both personally.

I like the dual tips myself but I am not a big fan of DTM style with the tips pointing up. Hayame Mufflers sound pretty nice I have heard it on Chad's 240sx. It all depends on what you like.


Arospeed DTM Style

Arospeed with 3" tip
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