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Altima to Integra Bumper Light Conversion

The Lights:
They are 1991 Acura Integra clear bumper lights.
I got my lights from for around $30. Alex, aka Nissanlunatic, sells them for $27 or so shipped.

You’ll need the long screw that comes with the Integra lights, and the long screw that holds your Nissan lights in. You should also go get some foam insulation tape from Home Depot. Costs like $2 and works very well for this install. Get the inch wide or so, not any smaller. I used a clip that came with a car stereo speaker to mount one side of the light. The clip looks like a “U” and has threads on one side. I will take a digital pic of the entire process when the weather clears.

The lights need to have the rear tabs cut off them, and have one of the holes drilled through. The tabs are easy to cut off, then use a file to sand them all the way down. You don’t need any of the tabs on the back, you’ll be using screws to hold the lights in. One of the holes only goes half way through the light, so take a drill and drill through. I also used a bigger drill bit to make both holes a little bit larger.

You’ll also need to file a 3rd hole in the bulb mounting part of the Integra light. Just look at the stock bulb holder and then figure out where to file a hole so that the holder will twist into the light…very easy.

I took the black plastic piece under the car off so I could see behind the bumper light. Put one of the long screw through the hole and hold the new bumper light in place. Notice where the screw almost touches part of the car. Use the speaker clip thing and put it on the car so that the screw will hit the threaded hole. You’ll understand once you see it…I put the clip there then put silicone on it to hold it in place.

Then take that black foam tape you bought and wrap it around the light where the clear meets the sliver. Go all the way around lengthwise and make the joint where the ends meet as clean as possible. This tape is used to fill the gap that’ll be there because the Integra light is not as wide as the Nissan light.

Place the light in the bumper hole, and look from behind to line up the screws and holes. Once they’re lined up, slowly screw them in. I was very careful not to pull the clip off. I also used a small flat screwdriver to push the tape in flat, since it bunched up as I pushed the light in.

The lights are at a little different angle than the stocks, but they look great. Be careful screwing the screws in…Once I got them in tightly, I used a dab of silicone on the back to hold the screws in place.

Best of Luck.
Any questions, email me: [email protected]
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