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I dont know what it is, but everytime I take my car out at night on weekends (where I drive you can only enjoy it at night, cause during the day there is too much traffic) only, other drives pull up next to me at lights and it seems like they always want to race me
I have my 04 V6 Alty now almost a year, and I drive it a lot, but mostly only on weekend nights. And I always drive it on the same stredge of road on Long Island, the road is part of Jericho Turnpike from Mineola to Jericho. I mean, I could tell you so many (racing)stories, I do not remember that I lost one, well I might have lost one or two but thats it. One was loosing to a newer generation M3, that sucker was fast, and to a Mitsu Evo

But then there are two nice wins I alwasy remember
One was an 04 Atly V6, two kids are driving. We took off and I immediatelly pulled on him. At the next light we stopped, and he asked me, wau, what do you have in there, I said nothing just stock. well all I have is a K&n Filter.

The other race I always remember was against a modded newer generation BMW 330CI or so with tiptronic, we raced from a deadstop and I pulled on him, by not too much but I did. The guy was cool, at the next light we talked to eachother and what he said made me very proud of our Altys , he said like "Wau, you really had me from 0 to 90 mph" , we had to shut down at around 90mph cause the light in fron t of us was red

Like I said, I am just cruising around all the time and it seems like everybody wants to race me, i hate those SUV's , they think they own the world

Like last night, I see that Mercedes SUV in my back mirror already going in and out of traffic, we come to a stop at a light, 3 lines, I am in the right line, that it's him, and another car in the left line.
I have tinted windows so the guy does not see me, but I can see and feel that he is intimitated by my car. And this idiot jumps the red light trying to get ahead of me knowing that he will not stand a chance against my torgue. At the same timne the oncoming traffic had a left turn error, our lights were still red, but this idiot jump;s the light to get ahead of me and barelly misses that nice newer generation Ford Mustang turning - what an IDIOT

Or the othe rnight, we are all again sitting at a red light 3 lines, I am in the right one. I see from behind that big black Cadillac Escalade coming up with his big crhome wheels. I guess he did not want to wait and line up behind us until the light changes. Well the light was about to chnage , he i guess saw that too so he quickly goes into the emergency line next to me, he is not supposed to do that. I realize that and said, you M...f...., you are not gonna get ahead of me by pulling that crab. Well light turns green, he of course had an advantage cause he came down flying, but my Torgue kicked in and within a splitsecond I moved up to about the second half of his truck and he wanted to come over cause the emergency line ended. But I pulled up on him so much already that he could not come over anymore, so i decided to teach that guy a leason. I quickly pull over into the middle line and take off and was quickly ahead of him. He was history, that guy must have been furious on his Cadi, cause down the road I am sitting at a red light trying to make a left turn, waiting for the green error to come on. This guy was so mad that I beat him, he cames flying by me , remember the light is red and on the other side the traffic is mvong the other direction, not to o much togh. But he goes around me ignoring the red light just to show me, you know, and by doing that going into a turn at a higher speed, this idiot almost flipped over, I cannot believe that

well those are some of my stories
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