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So to do my part to enhance things, I'm going to exercise my ability to be a jerk. How you ask? Well no one at My in laws house knows that I know that the Big Thug got uninvited to Kings Dominion. So I decided to call and screw with her.....

Big Thug: Hello
Dayne: Whats up Big Thug?
Big Thug: Hi
Dayne: Hey I got some info for your Kings Dominion trip tomorrow.
Big Thug: I'm....
Dayne: Hear me out donkey.
Big Thug: Bu.....
Dayne: You talk too much....listen! This dude on my job said that the Drop Zone is Lee Haney so don't waste your time in line.
Big Thug: It's what?
Dayne: Lee Haney.....Heinous
Big Thug: Whats that mean.
Dayne: It's wack donkey!
Big Thug: Well it doesn't matter because...
Dayne: Wait up I'm not finished.....He said that the HyperSonic XLC is awesome though and since everyone is going to be trying to get at the Drop Zone the line might not be that bad.
Big Thug: I'm not going.
Dayne: What?
Big Thug: I'm not going. Rachel called and uninvited me.
Dayne: must be blown. I'd be blown.
Big Thug: It's ok. My moms going to give me a sleepover and she's not invited.
Dayne: Thats gay.
Big Thug: Huh
Dayne: Nothing....Oh well I'm sorry. You wanna go to the pool with your sister and I tonight?
Big Thug: Yeah, yeah, yeah! (Clapping in the background) :rolleyes:
Dayne: Oh nevermind....I forgot we're going out with Chris and Garry to dinner and a movie. My bad.
Big Thug: You guys can come and get me too.
Dayne: Lets not and say we did.
Big Thug: :(
Dayne: Sorry that it sucks to be you this weekend....
Big Thug: Whatever loser...
Dayne: But it kinda sucks to be you all the time though.
Big Thug: I'm money.
Dayne: You're destitute.
Big Thug: I'm what?
Dayne: Proving my point.
Big Thug: You're confusing me.
Dayne: Goodbye Big thug.
Big Thug: Bye

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I thought this was gonna be a thread on female lubing techniques...
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I loves me some big thug stories.

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Dayne said:
This is totally out of character for me but....

FYI Noobs "The Big Thug" is my wretched 14 year old sister in law. She has been labelled "The Big Thug" for the following because she always whines and acts/talks like a baby, and is spoiled, but as previously stated is 14. She is also 5'6" and lean, but wierdly has a beef cumberbun (wierdest body ever) This resulted in my bestfriend and I saying that she's too Big to act the way she does. My friend and I were watching a movie a while ago and we goofed around while the credits rolled. Upon looking at the credits we noticed that the bad guy extras were labelled with a discriptor followed by the word Thug. We in turn laughed and incorporated it into our lingo.

For example: Sitting at a bar we see an intoxicated idiot acting crazy. My boy may jest to me saying: "Whats up with 'Drunk Thug' over there?"

So thus....we call our too big to act like a baby sister in law The Big Thug. "Too big to act like a baby?" you ask..... Here is an example-

My best friend Garry married my wifes sister Chrissy. My boy, his wife, my wife and I, and The Big Thug were in Garry's Tahoe driving down the street. (True Story) Chrissy starts to talk about a couple that they hang out withs cute 3 year old daughter. She said that every time the little girl sees a McDonalds she sings the Bah, bah, bah, bah, baaaah.....I'm lovin' it! jingle. Everyone agrees that that's cute....Well we drive down the road a ways and pass a McDonalds and Big Thugs big 14 year old arse goes: "Bah, bah, bah, bah, baaaah.....I'm lovin' it! haha....I'm cute too." We passed another one and she did it again. But this time she tells us: "You guys didn't say it was cute when I did it." And she was as serious as genital warts and got sad. My boy told her: "It's cute when you're 3 and do it. When you're 23 and you do it you're a tool."

Get it now?

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