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Ix said:
ha ha awsome...but the guy in the third comercial looks american...just an observation
Japanese comercials cast many foreign actors, here are some examples:

Roger Moore for Toyota
Elizabeth Montgomery for a cookie company
Paul Newman for Nissan
Michael J. Fox for Honda
Eddie Murphy for Toyota
Sean Connery for Bridgestone Tire
Sean Connery for Suntory
Sean Connery for Itoh Ham
Arnold Schwartzenegger for a vitamin drink
Ringo Starr for an apple drink (ringo is Japanese for "apple" -- a stupid pun)
Peter Falk for Suntory
Peter Falk for Toyota
Harrison Ford for Kirin Beer
Kevin Costner for Nissan
Leonardo DiCaprio for Orico (a credit card company)
Bruce Willis for Georgia (canned coffee)
Kevin Costner for canned coffee
Bruce Willis for Eneos Gasoline
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