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hey guys, i just joined the forums cause i'm driving around the my new whip, an '02 3.5 SE. just seeing if anyone is interested in buying my old car as i'm sorta in dire need of selling it now that i have 2 cars. anyway, you can check my history on forums under this same name. i've sold plenty of stuff and people can vouch for the condition of my car and all that just so you know i'm not a bad person trying to hussle you.
anyway here's the car!

Asking Price: $20,000
Edited Price: $19,000

It's a 1999 Impreza 2.5RS with a 2003 JDM WRX engine and drivetrain swap. By drivetrain I mean transmission, axels, drive shaft, and differentials. The body itself has about 40K miles on it IIRC. The car is a white 2-door 5-speed with sunroof and keyless entry, NO cruise control. further explaination of car under mods list

mods list:

STi fog light covers
STi clear corners
STi rear taillights
STi badges below the sidemarkers
STi version 6 front lip
STi version 6 front grill
STi replica version 6 wing
painted side skirts
debadged trunk

STi version 6 MOMO steering wheel (red stitching)
STi version 6 front and rear seats
STi pink pedals
STi version 6 guage cluster
STi short throw shifter
kartboy shifter bushings
red stiched e-brake handle
cable wiring done for flat fuel door, flat fuel door still don't have, gr8 wheels has one though

STi front 4-pot brakes with AP lockheed cross-slotted rotors
STi version 5 struts and springs (P1)
STi strut topmounts
STi aluminum control arms
STi rear lateral links
STi trailing arms
STi rear bar
STi replica front strut bar
STi replica rear strut bar
Rallispec 18mm rear sway bar
kartboy hardened shifter bushings
whiteline hardened steering rack bushings
JDM 03 front sway bar (prob the same as USDM)
JDM 03 driveshaft, lsd, central diff, axles
STi locking lug nuts

'98 somewhat rashed gold 5-spokes with Falken Azenis RS with less then 500miles on them
'99 somewhat rashed silver 5-spokes with Continental ContiExtreme Contacts with probably around 1000 miles of usage

Engine & other stuff:
JDM '03 WRX engine with about 2000~2500km = 1250~1560mi
STi version 7 uppipe
STi version 7 downpipe
STi version 7 midpipe
STi version 6 muffler
Haltech E6X standalone
Autometer "Phantom" series boost guage
Autometer "Phantom" series EGT
HKS Type 1 turbo timer
Walbro fuel pump
Hot Earth grounding kit
random intake that's blowing off like a greddy type-s haha
alpine front speakers and kicker rear deck speakers

I'm sure there's other things I'm still missing from the mods list, too much to think of right now. Anyway, the car right now is nearing the end of the swap, but it's been taking a lot more time then I had expected and I don't have the time or money to afford continuing/finishing the car. The car is putting 230.15 hp and 219.84 torque as dynoed by Turbotrix in Edison. They are the guys that have been working on the car for the past while and don't get me wrong, they are working their hardest, but I can't seem to finish up the car due to lack of funds and time. If you're really interested please pm me or shoot me an email to [email protected] with questions and I can give you the exact deal of what's going on.
As for price, I'm honestly not even sure what people are selling cars for nowadays, but I'm hoping to get the cars worth plus the money I invested into it, which is something close to 20K by this point. I'm guessing my car is now worth about $12,000 stock with about 40K. I know it's ridiculous to try and get $32,000, but i'm hoping to get a good portion of that back so i can afford to drive another car, as this is my only mode of transportation. with the engine that's in the car now, it has less than 2,000 miles so hopefully that means something for the cars worth price wise.
I'm just looking for reasonable offers right now, so please, if anyone is interested, let me know!
again shoot me a PM or email me at [email protected]

btw, the car is in south plainfield, nj.


not the most recent of pictures, i'll try to get some ASAP
engine shots are of stock engine

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^agreed would love to pick that car up....when I have a job :(

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wow.... nice shit man, yea that baffles me too,ur car is nice man... sure the 3.5 is 245ish and nice, ur car is pretty fast too, is ur car stolen or theres mad problems w/it
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