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Well, just got back from holidays and spent the afternoon installing parts.

Got the JWT Popcharger, Momo Shifter and Stillen SS coming soon. All thanks to Andy at HP (see thread in vendor feedback). Nismo Caps from Nissan dealer in Minneapolis.

For those of you curious about the JWT Pop charger, it looks good and sounds great over 4000 RPM :D. Yes, I too have to worry about snow and cold temps so a CAI wouldn't work. As for performance gains, I dunno, just did the ECU idle air relearning found elsewhere in these forums.

The '05 shift knob, two words, HOLY SH&*. Solution was vice grips and a towel. Eventually came off, and didn't break. This has got to be the toughest knob removal in history, for me anyway :rolleyes:.

For pics please see my freshly created registry .

Ciao for now. I actually have to work tomorrow. Oh well, give the ECU a chance to do some learning.
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