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Key fob not working correctly after car battery disconnect.

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Hey guys. I have a 2011 Nissan Maxima. Recently I was doing an interior mod to the head unit which required me to disconnect the battery. After reconnecting the battery, everything worked well, except i noticed something weird with my fob. The fob is now working terribly. The doors have trouble unlocking with the key in my pocket, as well as the trunk. The range of the key seems to have been cut in half, as I used to be able to start my car from inside with ease, and now It won’t be within range until i’m within about 10-20 feet of the car. Does the key need to be reprogrammed? I would really like to avoid going to nissan as they rip me off every single time. Any insight is very appreciated. I’ve also tried replacing the batteries, and the spare key. Neither have showed any help.
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You have the port for the key fob on your dash right? Plug it into that and YouTube reprogramming Nissan key fobs. It worked for me
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