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key won't turn and car won't start.

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I drive a Nissan Versa 2015, it was operating normally this morning when I took it to work as well as when I drove it to get some food during my break but when I tried leaving I couldn't turn my key. The wheel wasn't locked it turned just fine. I couldn't press the breaks or change gears, it was in park. It kept beeping when the doors were open or if the lights were on. There would be the sound of the doors unlocking every time you took the key out. The battery wasn't dead and I tried fixing it as if the steering wheel was locked but nothing worked.
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Do you have a second key? Sometimes the key or the lock cylinder wear out. If you have some lock lubricant, or even WD40 in a pinch...try skooshing a tiny bit into the key lock, insert and remove the key a few times, and then try to turn it again a few times. If a tumbler is stuck, it will lock up like'll obviously want to consider getting this fixed so you don't get stuck somewhere uncomfortable in the future.
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