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well, I walked in on tues, cause they're really close by my house (otherwise would've tried smithtown nissan) talked to the dealer, haggled for a while, and finally got a price of 19K for a 2002 black auto 2.5s with ABS/side airbag package, micro filter, mats, splash guards, and that EC mirror thing. Accordin to HIS numbers, the invoice on all that was $18,515, then after he added the destination and marketing fee it became $19,355 or so, so of course I was like, whats this marketing fee??? and he gives his whole shpiel, but finally walked out on the dealer with a quote of $19k (price including marketing, and desitination)

went back on wed, with my brother in law, and talked to another guy "Chad" and he basically said 19,355 (invoice+marketing+desitnation), and after much much haggling, we insisted that the previous guy told us 19 flat, so finally he gave in, and we put a down of 3k, came back on thurs, and financed it all, decided to get the extended warranty package (instead of 3yrs, it is 6 yrs,also includes free rental car, road side assistance etc) and it only adds about 11dollars a month to my payments, which to me personally is worth it, imo, ya never knowwhat can go wrong...

so how did I like koeppel? They're salesmen defintily, they wanna make a buck, but if you wear them out, they're willing to put out a good price, especially being near the end of the month, and also since they need to clear out the lot (saw tons of cars just sitting around). I personally think 19k, is a very good price, well I'd say pretty awesome, so if you want 2.5S auto with all those options, then go in knowing that 19k is definitly possible, and make sure thats including the marketing and destination and if you dont' want ABS/side airbag package, then proly something like 18.4k, good luck to whoever wants to go~!

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