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It was a freakishly hot weekend at ButtonWillow's Redline Time Attack, but we managed a respectable
2nd place behind the JIC S15 and driver Tyler Mc'Quarie. The S15 broke the track record held by the Cyber Evo (1:48.906) by clocking a 1:48.766 in 100 degree temperatures! A 1:58.551 was what the Z clocked. Which was a whole 10 seconds behind the highly tuned S15. So we have alot of work ahead of us if we want to win this class.
The Kognition Silvia had a trailer breakdown in San Diego and never made it unfortunately to compete in the unlimited class. But our sponsored Z driver Scott Bush pushed the car like the pro he is despite 2 flat tires and worn to the bone brake pads. For placing 2nd, Scott took home a $300 contingency award from us for running the canards and splitter/diffuser system we make for the Z.
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