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Well, I've been a member of this board and an altima enthusiast for well over 2 years and i think it is time for me to retire. I have different priorities and goals and my highly modified altima does not fit my needs. I hate to get rid of the car I put so much work in but i have to balance school, work and military and since i would be driving over 100 miles a day, I need another car.

The car runs great, despite that it is a 93. It has everything new starting with refirbished motor and finishing with a new axle. The car has a low ground clearance and the roads in Norfolk, Va are horrible.

Here is what is done with the car:
Engine and transmission:
-refirbished ka24de in late 2002. I put about 30000 miles on it since then.
- tenzo air intake - 2002
- alternator, distributor, belts and gaskets were replaced during the refirbishing of the motor - 2002
- new radiator - 2003
- new transmission pan and filter - 2003
- battery - 2002
- MSW muffler - 2003
I always took care of the engine, regular oil changes, often with synthetic oil and i did all the maintenace on time (that means radiator fluid, tranny fluid, fuel filters etc). i maybe raced it like 10 times in the last 2 years

- 2ich sprint drop with KYB shocks - 2003
- rebuild front axle including new CV joints, boots etc - 2004
- 17'' montegi rims with firestone potenza tires - 2002 but 2 front tire are almost new. The rims are in very good condition altho they have very slight peeling on the front pair.
- crossed drilled brembo rotors - 2 month old
- painted calipers along with fairly new brake pads (and they don't squeal)

a lot of body work as you can see from the pictures. Urethane kit is seamlessly molded and looks great. includes z3 fenders, predator hood and custom made grill. New paintjob from last year altough it has a few scratches.
The bodywork looks great but look for your self
- custom interior by freshman (idk if he still on this board) 2002
- gauges, lights 2002
-alpine cd player, composite boston aquistics speakers and and eclipse amp 2003
- clear sidemarkers, pressure gauges etc and all other stuff that is too long to list

I can write pages about what i did with the car but i'll be brief

the car has 134000 on the body and about 30000 on the new motor and suspension. it runs perfect, starts with no problems and overall is very good

my mom had the car before me and it has very few minor problems:

- ghost windows
- slight oil leak (but it is barely noticible)
- front passenger shock blown

please PM me for more details

I beleive that the reasonable price for the car is 4000. you can part it out or keep working on it but if i had the time i would coninue modifying it

what i want is 99-00 altima with no more than 60000 miles on it

if you can offer me something else to be a good daily drive, let me know

otherwise i can be reached by e-mail [email protected] or you can catch me on AIM at aredel417

i am located in norfolk, va and my cell # is 757 535 0962

only serious inquiriees please

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if you were in the CA area i would say TAKE MINE DAM that thing looks GOOD

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chuck34gboro said:
you want 4k or trade or do you want 4k + trade?
i estimate the value of the car @ 4k; that means that 4k goes towards the other vehicle.

I can also sell it for 4k if someone is interested
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