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Limp mode?

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Last Friday I drove across town to pick up the wife and kids to head to the cottage. Car worked fine through 20 minutes of moderate traffic in 70F temps. I stopped and turned off the car for like 5 minutes to get them loaded, then started out again. I stalled the car backing out (way to go dad :banghead:), which is unusual, but I thought that it was just me. It starts right back up and I head out on the road. The car revs a little and then just bucks and jerks like it can't rev anymore than about 2000rpm. I can barely accelerate. I notice that when I push the clutch in and let it idle, the RPM's are around 1100 (not the normal 600-700 like when it is warm). There was no SES light at all. I drove for a couple of miles until I found a safe spot to turn off and stop. I noticed a very rich smell from the exhaust before I shut it down. I let it set a minute or two, and then restarted it. It has been fine ever since (about 300 miles so far). Does this sound like limp mode?

Anyone want to take a guess at a possible cause?
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i got a 2003 sentra SER 2.5 5 speed that will only idle in limp mode with the maf unplugged, with maf plugged in it just sputters but no start? 9 WHILE IN LIMP MODE THERE IS NO REACTION TO ACCELERATOR, any suggestions??? Ive tried resetting the ecu and clearing code by disconnecting battery, also bought new MAF with no change, I swapped the tps as well and there either both bad or it wasn't the problem either
What is the CEL codes you are throwing?
The 05+ have different MAFs that are not interchangeable with the 02-04 MAFs.

Actually its the 02-03 2.5 and 3.5 that have the 22680-8J000 and the 04-06 have the newer ones 22680-CA000.

From all the research I did the 02-03 3.5 can use the AM600. If you have an 02-03 2.5 I think you have to use the 22680-8j000 since the AM600 was only designed for 3.5 engines.

I have a 02 3.5 and replaced it with the AM600. Hard to find since most Junkyards are too lazy to look at the actual part number.
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