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Limpy Altima moment

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Ok so I’ve put a turbo on my Nissan Altima 2.5 cvt. The car trips limp mode only on the second drive cycle after I clear the codes. I hav improper fuel tank evac flow code; maf reading out of range code; and improper crank case purge flow. Of course I know these can totally cause limp mode. I’ve tried at least 3 new maf sensors. I may have a few exhaust leaks but its probably par with any other exhaust shop. Purge flow is because I blocked off the port on the intake manifold. Fuel tank code because I deleted the gas vapor evac into the intake and put a breather on the breather line for the gas tank. And maf sensor could be a lot of things but I’m leaning towards the anti surge baffling blowing air the opposite way thru the maf sensor. Small squeak at idle but goes away when I rev it ( I think belt tensioner) . Are the codes causing my car to go into limp mode on the second drive cycle only once these codes aren’t historic anymore? The maf code is the only one that switches to a pending fault code of the three mentioned. If I don’t clear the codes it will consistently trip limp mode under any driving circumstances. But with a fresh clear code maneuver it feels fast and peppy and it feels like the 5 psi in running but then I turn it off and on again then eventually the CEL comes on and not soon after limp will come it gets more frequent the more driving cycles I do without clearing codes.
Additionally: no intercooler. Could the charge air be so much hotter than the intake air temp that it’s less dense air inside the charge pipe than the maf is actually reading, and that’s causing the pending maf code as well as limp mode on second drive cycle?
NO TRANS CODES. I’ve experienced the bad cvt this is not it; not yet.
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