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"Tha Louie V Show Alti"
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parting out my 99 altima. so of the highlights include:
full turbonetics kit with all supporting fuel modifications
JWT tuned 96 altima ecu for turbo set up
apexi neo piggy back
98-01 carbon fiber hood, fenders, trunk with carbon spoiler
ton of fiberglassed interior and trunk audio/video parts

for full details, you can check out my cardomain page: just put in 99showaltima in the search field.

RESPONDING TO THIS THREAD WILL WORK BUT IM NOT ON HERE AS MUCH AS I ONCE WAS. BEST TO EMAIL ME AT [email protected] made that email account 18yrs ago so the name reflects my age when it was made lol

"Tha Louie V Show Alti"
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1. Extreme Dimensions Full Drift Body Kit
2. C-Wings Night Sport Carbon Fiber Hood: H27A(CF)
3. C-Wings BMW Z3 Style Carbon Fiber Fenders
4. C-Wings Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid: CT768(CF)
5. C-Wings Carbon Fiber Lexus OEM Style Spoiler With 3rd Brake Light
7. Carbon Fiber 6 Piece Door Pillars Set
8. Sparco Hood Pins: 01606S
9. 2 Quick Release Latches On Front Bumper
10. 2 Quick Release Latches On Back Bumper
11. Black Aluminum Folding Tow Hook
14. Black Housed 2 Piece Head Lights
17. Strada Polyurethane Headlight Eyelids
18. Painted Window Rain Guards

1. Katzkin 2-Tone Black/Silver Leather Seats
4. Black Suede Pillars, Floor Trim Pieces, Door Inserts, Headliner, Rear Monitor Pods, Bottom Half Of Doors, Bottom Half Of Dash And Center Console
5. Silver Suede Rear Deck, Sun Visors (Hand Stitched), Cup Holder Covers And Arm Rest Lid (Hand Stitched)
6. Black And Silver Painted Plastic Pieces And Full Steering Wheel
7. Wheelskins Black/Silver Leather Steering Wheel Cover
9. Black Nismo Floor Mats
10. Custom (Hand Stitched) Black/Silver Suede E-Brake Boot
11. Carbon Fiber Dash And Doors Kit
12. Carbon Fiber Gauge Bezel
13. Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle Cover
14. Razo Carbon Fiber Shifter w/OD
15. Pilot Carbon Fiber Pedals
16. Q-Logic Kick Panel Speaker Plates
17. Custom Carbon Fiber Dual Gauge Cluster In Lower Middle of Dash
18. A-Frame Dual Gauge Pillar Pod
19. AC Autotechnics Reverse Indiglo Face Gauges
20. 2 Autometer Carbon Fiber Mounting Gauge Cups: 2121
21. Purple Tinted Fire Extinguisher

Custom Fiberglass/Plexiglass Work:
1. Fiber Glassed Front Door Tweeter Pods Wrapped In Black Suede
2. Fiber Glassed Speakers/Monitors/Crossovers Into Front Doors Wrapped In Black Suede
3. Fiber Glassed Trunk Wrapped In Black Leather And Silver/Black Suede
4. Fiber Glassed Trunk Lid Wrapped in Black Leather With 4 7” monitors
5. Fiber Glassed Rear Camera In Trunk Wrapped In Silver Suede
6. Plexi-Glass Dual Amp Racks For Both 4 Channel Amps In Trunk
7. Fiber Glassed 4 7” Monitors Into Rear Mini Windows Wrapped In Black Suede
8. Fiber Glassed Speakers Into Rear Doors Wrapped In Black Suede
9. Fiber Glassed Rear Deck Housing: 4 Channel Amp, 7” monitor, 6.5” speakers Wrapped In Silver Suede
10. Fiber Glassed Speakers Into Lower B Pillars Wrapped In Black Suede
11. Custom Made Battery Box Behind Rear Seats With Plexi-Glass Front Window Wrapped In Black Suede

3. 2 Power Acoustik 7” Monitors In Headrest’s: PT-700MHR
4. 2 Power Acoustik 5.6” Monitors In Visor’s: T-5061MN
5. 1 Power Acoustik 15.2” Ceiling Flip Down Monitor: PT-151CM
6. 4 Farenheit 7” Monitors In Trunk Lid: T-7000MR
7. 4 Power Acoustik 7” Monitors In Rear Windows: PT-700MHR
8. 2 Power Acoustik 7” Monitors In Front Doors: PT-700MHR
9. 1 Power Acoustik 7” Monitors In Rear Deck: PT-700MHR
10. 1 Alpine 4 Channel Amp’s 120x4: MRV-F407
13. MB Quart Q 6 ½ Component Speakers in Front Doors: QM218.61Q
15. MB Quart 6 ½ Coaxial Speakers in Rear Deck: RKC-116
20. Alumapro 15 Farad C.A.P. Capacitor: CAP15
21. SAVV 5 In/3 Out Video Amplifier/Input Switcher: AVM-X5030
22. Directed 1 In/ 7 Out Video Amplifier: VA700
23. Farenheit 1 In/4 Out Video Amplifier: VB1
24. Efiger Vision Rear Camera
25. Playstation 2 Under Driver Seat
26. Audiovox Power Inverter
31. Stinger 0 Gauge Wiring, Terminals, Distribution Block, Fuse Holders And RCA’s

Performance Tuning/Electronics:
1. Jim Wolf Technologies Tuned ECU
2. Apexi AFC Neo Super Air Flow Converter: 401-A917
3. AEM UEGO Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge: 30-4100
4. AC Autotechnics Oil Pressure Gauge
5. AC Autotechnics Oil Temperature Gauge
6. AC Autotechnics Volt Gauge
7. AC Autotechnics Water Temperature Gauge
8. Autometer C2 Boost Gauge: 7103
9. Apexi Pen Style Turbo Timer: 405-A011 With HKS Harness

1. ZEX Nitrous Wet System (65 Shot) 82021, ZEX Pressure Bottle Gauge: 82005
2. Turbonetics T3/TO4E 50 Trim Ball Bearing Turbo
3. Black T3/T4 Sleek Seams Turbo Blanket
4. Turbonetics 38mm Raptor Blow Off Valve: 10763
5. Turbonetics 35mm Evolution Wastegate With 10lb Spring: 10780
6. Turbosmart Manual Boost Controller: TS-0101-1001 (Blue)
7. Turbonetics Couplers, Piping, T-Clamps
8. Turbonetics Exhaust Manifold
9. Turbonetics Down Pipe (From Hotside Of Turbo To Flex Pipe)
10. Stillen 2.5” Flex Pipe
11. Custom 2.5” Mandrel Bent Exhaust Piping Header Back with 18” Resonator
12. Magnaflow Hi-Flow Cat
13. Tanabe Hyper Medallion Exhaust Muffler
14. Spearco W.A.V.E. Intercooler
16. Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump: 400-805
17. SR20DET 370cc Fuel Injectors (Purple Top)
18. Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator: 13101 With CHM 1.5” liquid filled 0-100psi gauge: CHM29723 With Russell Performance Fittings
19. Nismo Stock Fuel Pressure Regulator Block Off Adapter
20. Nissan 300ZXtt Z32 N62 Mass Air Flow Meter With Tomei Pigtail
23. Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pulley: 021010903
24. OBX Throttle Body Spacer
25. BLOX Vacuum Manifold Block
26. Aluminum Oil Catch Can
27. Weapon-R Alumium Coolant Can
29. 2 Mishimoto 10” Slim Line Fans: MMFAN-10
30. Racing Line Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts
31. Vibrant Performance 3” Polished/Black “Open Funnel” Air Filter: 2160C

1. D2 36 Way Fully Adjustable Racing Dampner And Rebound Monotube Coilover Suspension With Adjustable Top Mounted Camber Plates: D2-N02-2
2. Stillen Front Strut Bar
3. Liquid-Ink Front A-Arm Brace

Wheels & Tires:
1. 18”x7.5” RacingHart C2 Evo Wheels
2. Kumho Ecsta AST Tires 225/40/R18
3. Mr. Lugnut Shortie Lug Nuts

Neon/Strobe Lighting:
1. Whelen 90 Watt 6 Bulb Police Strobe Kit: CSP690
2. Varad Blue L.E.D. Under Body Neon Kit; Multi-Functions
3. Street Glow Wheel Well Blue L.E.D. Kit
4. 2 Eurolite 15” Blue L.E.D Strips Under Front Of Front Seats
5. 2 Eurolite 15” Blue L.E.D Strips Under Rear Of Front Seats
6. 2 Eurolite 15” Blue L.E.D Strips In Front Doors Around Crossovers
7. 6 Street Glow Blue L.E.D’s Under Dash
8. 4 Street Glow Blue Strobe Lights Under Dash
9. 1 Eurolite 15” Blue L.E.D Strip Around Battery In Trunk
10. 4 Street Glow Blue Strobe Lights Under 4 Channel Amplifiers In Trunk
11. 4 Street Glow 10” Blue Neons Under 4 Channel Amplifiers In Trunk
12. 2 Street Glow 6” Blue Neons Under 4 Channel Amplifiers In Trunk
13. 3 Street Glow Blue L.E.D’s Behind Nitrous Bottle
14. 2 Street Glow 9” Slim Blue Neons In Corners Of Front Grill
15. 1 Street Glow 20” Wheel Well Blue Tube In Below Intercooler
16. 1 Street Glow 15” Blue Neon In Front Grill
17. 1 Eurolite 15” White L.E.D Stip Under Rear License Plate
18. 1 Varad Blue Scanner
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