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Location of IAC Valve

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Hi all, just joined...

I've got a 2004 Sentra, 1.8. It's throwing a code that says my Idle Air control valve is bad. I got a new one, but I can't see where it is, in the engine. When I order it, I thought it mounted to the back of the throttle body, but apparently it is somewhere else.
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Anybody got a picture of where this thing goes? I'veincluded a picture of what is supposed to be the IAC for this engine.

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According to the '04 service manual, that one has dropped the IAC to have electronic throttle control, the throttle body took over that function.
That module is the electronic drive and gear reduction section to the throttle blade drive. It is NOT sold separate, you buy the whole TB assembly.

What is the problem and you should get a trouble code for it.
It needs the front and rear O2 sensors working right to run best, the rear one will not be outputting right with no cat.

Code will say more than just 'idle air control valve'...........will add what it's doing wrong like over limit, or not able to control idle, or other. You are doing what so many others do and that is interpret code after somebody did thus blowing any true meaning into the water. GET THE EXACT CODE NUMBER, I used to read them for people and commonly had to force them to write the numbers down, people are bound and determined to get in the way of their own self interest. No personal insult intended of course.

NEVER let the person reading your codes interpret them for you! They make incentives based on what they tell you to commonly suggest the higher priced parts. Why reading codes is illegal in California, too many stealing from customers by selling stuff they didn't need based on their interpretation of the codes and why YOU want the exact number, look over his shoulder or bug him to get the exact number, it can be the difference in hundreds of dollars.
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