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Look At This Car

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that grill, wit the stillen body kit, some 18' chrome kobe's, titanium tint, dual mufflers...
a better spoiler...
it would be the shiznit
I can already see that the new altima is going to have mad parts out for it in no time!! I wish it was the same case for our cars!
i dunnooo. im trying to figure that out 2??????????????????
Ugly grille , ugly wheels , ugly wing ...Thats all ??? Oh and a POS Borla Exhaust .......... So whats so special ......Just because it is one of the first moded 02 Altimas ??? Yea and its really nice to see Borla ignoring us Altima guys untill now when The Altima is one of the quickest mid sized sedans out there ..... But I bet you will never see a borla system for the 1st or 2nd GEN. !!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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