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lookin for an Alty?....

I wish I didnt have to do this I trully am but i will always remember blowing them Civics by and representing the 4dr riderz. Anyways if anyone is interested I have decided to put my 1995 Nissan Altima GXE for sale so i can pay them college loans off. Email me at [email protected] for more info or pics.

2.4L 4spd Auto
Mileage - 102,000 h/m
Color - Emerald Green
Sunroof, A/C and spoiler!

Vehicle is in very good condition from the interior to
the engine thats good to run another 100k miles

Mod List~

Blue StreetGlow neons under car and on hood
Blue TypeR seat covers (if u want them)
Sony CD Deck and X 5x7z
Dragun Exhaust with molded bumper
Brand new alternator and battery
New Performance 15" YOKOz (about 2k on them)

PRICE ~ $6000 o.b.o

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i was wondering the same thing, i still cant get under 17 and i have intake, header, pulley, wires and a muffler!
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