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Looking for all Wisconsin members

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Just trying to get an idea of Wisconsin members out there. See about possibly setting up a meet, check out each others rides. See what we can do to help each other out.
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I dont think there are a lot of members in WI, so i recommend WI and northern part of IL together 0.0

Anyway, im in Milwaukee.
Yeah fair enough. Im located about 40 minutes north of Milwaukee
Go check as well. I believe they have a BBQ going on this saturday, but im not sure where.
Hey i live in Pardeeville about 40 minutes north of Madison, Where you at?
Not wisconsin but iowa, idk if there are many of you guys up there but id be down to meet up with some of you guys.

Yeah we should get together somewhere, where would be the best place/time?
Maybe like the 18th of august?
That could be do able, depending on the location.
Well im in Iowa City, soo...
Sheboygan here
Somewhere half way would be good for me.
Madison maybe?
Probably not for me lol thats a 3.5ish drive.
We should meet up outside of madison, its kinda hectic to get together there, maybe windsor? its a town like 15 min north of madison off of the interstate, I could do it in like 10 days. Ima show off my green alty, shes gona get all cleaned up :)
I'm in northern Illinois, Libertyville, Gurnee area. 05sickser is in wisconsin iirc
I live in the fox valley in wisconsin. I mean thats kinda in between all of green bay and milwaukee.
what days work best for most people? Sat or Sun.? We could be able to swing a meet up, or if wife lets me take her car, I could. Would have to play it by ear for us as I work for a landscaping company, and if there is rain days during the week, I have to help grass cutters catch the fact her car is on the verge of passing
Mostly Madison is probably the best place...or somewhere between madison and milwaukee?
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