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Looking for all Wisconsin members

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Just trying to get an idea of Wisconsin members out there. See about possibly setting up a meet, check out each others rides. See what we can do to help each other out.
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I dont think there are a lot of members in WI, so i recommend WI and northern part of IL together 0.0

Anyway, im in Milwaukee.
im in milwaukee aswell :D
im in milwaukee aswell :D
Woah, so little Wisconsin members. I live in West Bend, just started looking at things to do to my 1st Gen Altima. It's going to be a fun summer :D
lets bring this thread back and locate us some more Wisconsin members.
We definitely need to bring this thread back, im in oshkosh and there is nothing for car meets around here... besides the muscle car meets that my altima doesnt really belong in haha.
You should bring your nissan down to Saukville this sunday the 7th for a car show.
Ill definitely come down for that but i wont be able to get there until around 3.
I should be there the majority of the day. Look for my 5th gen altima. Grey in color with black rims and grill
I was down there for the show from about 2:30 to 5:00 too bad there was only 1 import in the show lol and it was a mitsubishi... didn't see you there though.
Yeah i didn't stick around that late. My buddy showed up with his GT500 and we went to an all mustang show in the afternoon.
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