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So I just got this car Friday, and as I came home with it, I noticed that if I let my rpm drop a little low when taking off in first, the oil pressure light would come on.

No biggy, I told myself, it's probably just because it almost stalled.

But then I noticed it happening nearly every time I started out and didn't hammer the gas in first and second gear.

So I stopped yesterday at oreilleys to check my oil, and low and behold my dipstick was dry. There was barely any oil in it at all. I bought some full synthetic 5w30 and it took almost two quarts to get back to full.

Now I'm guessing I have an oil leak, but I haven't noticed any oil stains where I park, although I generally park on a dirt driveway.

I have it scheduled to be looked at next Wednesday, but in the mean time, how much damage might have been done? I don't know how long it could have been driven with low oil like it was, I know I drove it for about 4 days.

I didn't notice any strange noises, although it did rattle once on startup. I'm just praying i didn't catch it too late, or buy someone's problem that they didn't want to mention.
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