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ive got 10000 rap compilations and im gonna build me one or two kick ass 80's rock me me ideas.......i have a feeling rick will oWn this thread.....

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billy idol- rebel yell, white wedding
billy squire- the stroke
foreigner-more than a feeling
kansas- carry on my wayward son
reo speedwagon- cant fight this feeling
U2- still havent found what i'm looking for, sunday bloody sunday, she moves in mysterious ways, with or without you
styx- blue collar man, renegade, too much time on my hands, (and if you are brave... :D) lady, come sail away

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almost forgot....
cutting crew- i just died in your arms tonight
tommy two tone- jenny (867-5309)
UB40- red red wine
toto- africa
any tom petty

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Duran Duran
Depeche Mode
The Fixx
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Heaven 17
Kaga Googoo
Thompson Twins
Til Tuesday
Talk Talk
Human League
The Cult
Bow Wow Wow
The Cure
Bronski Beat
Dead or Alive
Missing Persons
Kim Wilde

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UM.....You said rock not top 40 right?
Metallica - Anything from kill'em all
Iron Maiden - The Trooper, Still Life
Suicidal Tendencies - I saw Your Mommy, Institutionalized
Ratt - Lack Of Communication, Round and Round
Accept _ Fast as a Shark, Princess of the Dawn
Van Halen - Hot for Teacher, Runnin with the devil
Scorpions - Big City Nights
Def Lepord - Foolin
Krokus - Ball Room Blitz
Remember Kiddies, #uck outta here if you aint down with the Clown. Juggalos unite. PEACE or should I say PIECES HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

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shit, throw some Megadeth on say some Rust In Peace, but that was early 90s i believe :D
how about some OZZY!! anything off of No Rest for the Wicked, but heres a few of my faves...
Miracle Man, Crazy Babies, Hero, Breaking All the Rules

how about some Skid Row? Youth Gone Wild...18 and Life?

i agree with Maiden big time...Hallowed Be Thy Name, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Sea of Madness, Wasted Years, Alexander the Great, Rime of the Ancient Mariner...

and how about the almighty ACDC?? Back in Black man! hells bells, you shook me all night long...???

oh and Foreinger DIDNT do More than a Feeling, that was Boston! and i think theyre just a crappy Queen put on some Queen...Stone Cold Crazy? thats always a good one...

and last but not least...BLUE OYSTER CULT!!! i dont know if that was 80s...but Burnin' for you is good...and how about some Judas Priest? pick any of them...theyre all good!
Mercyful Fate...kick ass band, metal, pick anything off of Melissa. King Diamond's solo stuff is really great as well.
then theres Anthrax...check out Persistence of Time, a great album.

but definetely dont forget Faith No More! anything off of The Real Thing...i like From Out of Nowhere, Epic, Falling to Pieces, Surprise Youre Dead, Underwater Love and their cover of War Pigs.

anyway, i think thats about it i think...oh yea...Death. great metal band. :) check them out too.

ok thats enough from me! enjoy!


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Guns N Roses appetite for destruction
Def Leapord hysteria
The cure...

Too many to list...I think I'm gonna go make a 80's compilation. I have a mp3 player in the car too, so that's like 300 songs.
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