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OK guys one of the guys from is having a little get together at Smithtown Nissan. I copy and pasted this from their site:
OK, I have gotten approval from my dealership to host
" MAXIMA DAY" September 9th 2001. Sunday 12:00 to 5:00

Come see the 2002 Maxima.

I will have a sign up page on my web-site by next Wednesday, check back please.


Test drives in the 2002 Maxima,
Lunch, raffles, maxima trade-in appraisals, specials on all cars in stock, pre-order specials on the 2002 6 speed.

Come see the one and only 300 SMZ Twin Turbo in New York.

Performance workshop, mini-meet, and Nissan show.

All welcome, bring the kids.

Did I mention Test drive the 2002 Maxima SE and GLE ( sorry Automatic only for now)

At my Dealership. Smithtown Nissan.

Please check back often and e-mail me your RSVP so I can get a food order in on time...

Additional info coming,,, plus some really great surprises.

Hope to see you all their.

We will need to RSVP with a headcount so that Smithtown knows how much food to order. Please let me know. In the meantime I will try to get his e-mail for you guys to e-mail him directly.
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