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Setting: Sunday night, red light, ligned up next to civic. Long stretch of cop-free, turn-free highway in front of us.

Participant #1: 4dr. civic, around 95-96, with local High School yuppie in the driver's seat. It sounded that he had at least a fart-pipe, maybe an intake. No rims or any cosmetic mods that I could see. He was alone.

Participant #2: 95 Altima, K&N, plugs, STB(good for a couple of horses), and sweet xenon headlights(good for another 2hp). I had my cousin(she's a 20yr old girl, which will come into play later on), and little brother in the car with me.

How it went down: I heard him rev it up a bit, I looked over but did not budge, that is, until the light turned green and I let him take off. I have the AC off, which, in my car makes a LARGE difference. I let him get about a car length ahead(his rear bumper at my front), then I slowly edge up to him(he was still WOT), no even pushing it. As I line up right next to him, I look over, give him a grin from ear to ear, and my cousin says "destroy him!"(this is funny to me because she is not the type of girl to enjoy this kind of thing). I mash the shizzat out of the throttle and wave bubye to him. I ripped by him like he was going reverse down a hill! Well not that extreme, but it was so funny seeing the guy's face as I screamed by him.

Those civics drivers are funny! :D :p

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Good kill man.Now try and hang with an SI.The lil 4 door civics aint no match.Torque is a killer when you aint got enough.And MOST civics dont.

But watch out for the civics with SWAPS.Those will eat you up.Quickly.

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Good kill. I know what you mean about the A/C. My car acts totally different with it off. In other cars it doesn't seem that bad.
Yeah my A/C kills my pick up in the Alt until about 3000 rpms then it will pulls like a turbo kicked in(well not like a turbo but it pull strong)

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dude, i'm pretty sure that posts have to contain text to count.
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