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I own a 99 Nissan Altima
>SE Limited. I was replacing the stock automatic
>shifter with the Levoc Automatic shifter w/od. Slight
>problem. I made a huge screw-up. When cutting the
>over-drive wires, I guess the white sleeve covering
>the actual two wires was placed a lot higher, so when
>I cut it, the actual two wires ended up being much
>lower into the shift box than I needed it. After a
>couple of hours of fiddling and managing to grab hold
>of it, connecting it to the shifter wires did not give
>me any connection to O/D. Do you have any ideas or
>solutions for that? Should I possibly use wire
>strippers to get the actual metal wiring on the two
>wires to intertwine? Does either wire need to go to a
>particular one on the other end? Right now I used the
>connectors that came with the shifter and it didn't
>work. I'll be driving my car a lot in the meantime,
>and I'm pretty sure that the O/D is on, which is what
>I need. It was on before I split the wires, so that
>would mean it stays that way, if I'm correct?
>Everything else is OK for the most part. It took a
>lot of time to find a good screw that fit the shifter
>to the metal boot. It's tricky to get it to find the
>right spot so you can get your keys out in PARK
>position. But while doing that, the shifter gets a
>little looser than I'd like it, it's in place and
>sturdy, but not tight to the limit. I guess that's
>how that works? Please get back to me at your
>earliest convenience, I didn't know who else to ask
>about this issue. Thank you.

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Wiring possible problem

I guess it's the wiring that's the problem, it's such a pain to work with. I'll have to splice and tie them together, see if it works. Other than that, it seems all right, that screw thing is annoying but it's not bad actually. Appreciate any help that anyone might be able to give me.

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re: atakm

Question, when you say you removed your center console, do you mean the whole assembly or that portion around the shifter area? Did you have to remove it because of the wiring issues?
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