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MORE stuff for sale...K26 turbo, T3 turbo parts, red out tails and more
Alright, here's the deal. i'm sick and tired of looking at this's what I have:

One(1) set of "red out" tails (97.5 altima) in good condition $40+shipping obo

One(1) set of auto axles off a 97.5 altima approx. 75kon them $40+shipping obo

all the little parts from my 5 speed swap(auto shifter w/OD button, etc.) make offers...

Two(2) REAR struts ... $25 for the pair + shipping obo

One(1) KA24DE valve cover ... 35+shipping
( might keep this, not sure yet)

Two(2) 12" American Pro subs - 500 watts RMS, 1000 peak - $90+shipping obo

One(1) tranny cooler from a '90 ford probe - $20 obo+shipping

One(1) T3 AiResearch turbo missing the impeller wheel .... something got sucked into it and broke/bent the fins.... this turbo needs to be rebuilt and an impeller wheel....GREAT for a T3/T4 conversion or rebuild! cracks in the exhaust housing...comes with charge pipe and down pipe...throw out offers...will part or sell as a whole...

One(1) K26 turbocharger off an audi 5 cylinder...the turbo is "dry"(no oil in it) so there is VERY minimal play ... good thrust bearing. NO fin damage at ALL, there are NO cracks in the exhuast housing at all, this is a nice sized turbo! starting at $210 shipped

I'm sure I'll find more stuff to add to's just a start...
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