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I don't know if anyone here frequents CAF but if so then you've prolly heard of Better Audio. Well anyways, Bart (the owner) and I have been friends for a while now and he's helped me w/most of the choices of equipment w/the exception of the head unit. Next weekend gonna get a little upgrade that i'm really looking forward to. Currently running:

Clarion DRX9675z
Image Dynamics CD1.e HLCD's w/ID 6 1/2" mid's and x-overs
Autotek SX-2300
JL10w7 in JL HO slot-ported box
JL 500/1

The mids are being replaced w/8" midbasses that he's gonna fiberglass some door pods for. He's got pretty much the same setup except for the subs he's producing. He's got one of his 15" prototypes in his pick-up that just friggin' slams. Looking forward to upgrading to 2 of his 12's, but I have to admit that the JL is my favorite sub I've had so far.
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