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Well alomst....

This is what happened:
I was driving home last night from Rutgers and I started to smell something burning. So I pulled over and opened my hood when this puff of smoke came out. I was like WTF?

So I looked down at the alternator since my car has been giving me trouble starting and I noticed that the red rubber cover for the positive connection was burning off!

So i turned off the car..let it cool off cause the metal was red hot and I noticed that the nut was loose cause the plastic that was supporting it from underneath had melted off some. So I cleaned it all up and tightend it really good and drove home.

This morning i went to turn on my car and it was really cranking slowly. I was like "oh damn"

Finally got it started and went to the mechanic...he tested the alternator, and it was fine. He went to my battery and it was also fine. Then he was like Turn off your car and leave your headlights on. So I did...then the gauge he had started dropping fast and it went int to the red zone (bad).

His diagnosis = Bad battery which was fucking with the alternator. Something about reverse charge? I dunno.

So I got a new battery and all is fine now. He said the alternator is fine. And the car starts just fine now and no more burning..I hope.

So My question is, is it possible for the battery to do this? Reverse charge?? WTF is that? The battery was only a year old too.

Anyone who knows please let me know if this was the correct diagnosis.

you see, what had happened was: the loose wire on the altinator created arching. that's why the rubber boot was burnt. the arching creates more current draw from the battery which in turn fucked up the battery. get a new battery and put some lock tite on the bolt that holds the wire to the altinator and u will be fine. late.
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