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i went out to get sumthin' to eat real quick, decided to cruise down Peachtree real quick...
while i was in downtown ATL i thought why not cruise through the AUC right quick...
wen i get there i see a bunch of people out, n i realize that it's "olive branch" where all the freshman of the different schools get out and meet one another..
so i get out for a minute to see if i see anyone i know, then get back in the car after a quick walk around...
as i'm goin' down one of the streets to get back downtown i hit a spot where there is road work going on, it was a hell of alot ruffer than i expected...
car stops running, i get it in Burger King Parking lot
every bum that passes by seems to want to be a mechanic, n all my homeboys seem to be busy with girls..
i wasn't goin' to call my friend (wifey hopeful) since she had kinda been MIA the past couple weeks, but i decide to go ahead and try..
she calls me back and comes n gets me, helps me push my car with her car into a parking spot so it hopefully won't get towed b4 tomorrow..
we get a lil' bight to eat, n i just got dropped off...
now i gotta go get the car n hope no one decides to break into it..

i jus got off the phone with her to make sure she got home ok.....
i hope i can fix this thing b4 i have to go to work Mon. night/Tues. morning

cliff notes- went to get bite to eat, car stopped, gf hopeful picked me up, got something to eat, hoping to get car running b4 it's time to go back to work...

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cliff notes...dude you got my respects..damn that was cool..but that sucks that your car is ishy right now..good luck with that and that chick she'll come to here senses
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