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Hey Fam,
Names Tj,
I wanted to share with you all this fantastic all in one shop designed and geared for anything JDM. Roberto Victoria at RAV Performance is known in south Florida for the builds under his belt and The Shop is known mostly for the RB and JZ platforms but he's no stranger to any JDM platforms.
if you have any part needs, your more then welcome to reach out to me or any of the contact info in this post. We will be more then happy to assist in acquiring what you need and building your dream skyline.

RAV Performance is an all in one shop. services provided but not limited to....
Importing, Servicing, Parts Ordering, Fabrication, Installation, Wheel Hub Dyno Tuning, Fuel Injection Cleaning and much more. did I mention they will ship your car to you house when completed.

Email : [email protected]
Phone : (561)-619-8433

check out their Instagram for daily shop updates
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current projects right this moment....
R33 Skyline GT-R 800+HP
Datsun 240 RB26 Swap
Fairlady 300zx 2jzgte swap
350z 2jzgte swap
Supra 800+HP
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