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Update, regarding post from a while back.
I still have no reverse. BTW it is an automatic if it makes a diffrence to your opinion. Whenever I shift to park from reverse it makes a humm, and when I shift back to reverse it does go into it but nothing happens. Yet I still drive it like that even though it seemed to have lost alot of hp from 0-40 mph and then from there i get it back but its not the same. It reacts real slow. I've gone to a few shops but they just want to use the same tyranny but with new parts internally with approximate estimate of $1,500-2,100. The cheapest I have found is $700 for used tyranny and installed with 6,000 mile warranty. I recently checked the transmission fluid needle and it is bubbly meaning that it has water. A friend told me to first start off with changing the tyranny oil and filter. Also, I figured that if I am to get a new tyranny I might as well more $$ and go manual which is someting I was planning on doing. I just dont know difficult this could get and the amount of bread needed. Yet I feel i need to do someting quick b/c my poor motoe seems to be doing more work b/c sometimes it heats up s/what.
What do I do?

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vtec killer said:
the radiator leaks internally and the coolant gets into the trans fluid and there goes your tranny and your car overheats cuz it has trans fluid in the radiator.sad,sad situation.
I don't think that was his situation, though:

Change the fluid. It is cheap. If it really is foamy and full of water, that is likely why the car won't "go". It feels like there is no power, but there is plenty - it just isn't getting to the wheels..

Driving around with water in the tranny - a fluid change may not help if there has been sufficient damage done to the trans, but it is still cheap to try.

Also "tranny", not

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