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hey guys,

well i'm up ( or sould i say down) in australia and as u may know the altima ( called bluebird here ) was discontinued. As a result its mighty hard to find replacement parts, such as the original tyres!

actually the 205x60x15's are easy enuff to find, they just atttract a huge premium as they are not usually ordered...

as they are reletively narrow for the 'low profile' hight they are ( i believe to be) too excpensive

however the plentyful v6 ford and holdens means there are plenty 215mm wide tyres for the same 60mm profile...

question : would fitting these (slightly wider tyres) in anyway affect my powersteering unit? be advised that i never dry steer its just i'm planning to get grippy pirellis, and the combination of grip and width mayb be too much?!

any help is duly appreciated !



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I just threw on dunlop sp sport A2 on saturday. Cheapest I could find was on, then mount them at my local Cosco, but I assume you will probably get tires locally.
I got them in 215/60-15 for my stock steel rims (with hubcaps!) I assure you, your powersteering will not be affected. I can't tell the difference. Right now, I'm waiting to finish this tank of gas to see if the increased width/diameter affected my fuel economy...I expect it to, but hope it's not too bad.
Braking, acellerating, and turning have all improved significantly. I had some General tires on there before. Driving on the freeway today, braking from 80-10mph was very good. In fact, if I had applied the same amount of pedal pressure on the brake, my old tires woulda locked up.
As for accelerating, I can't chirp 3rd anymore cuz they grip so well! I know, I'm supposed to break in the tires, but I couldn't help it...these tires are awesome!
For corning, they're also great, with very little squeel when pushed hard. I haven't found their friction/break point yet, but I know it's already better than my previous tires.

Anyways, back to your question, 215/60-15 fit with no problems. You should raise the front up and check the tire clearance when you get home...I had to adjust mine just a lil so they won't rub when turned all the way to the right (odd cuz turning left was no problem).

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