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Where is the best place to get drunk and meet chicks?

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  • Dupont Circle

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Inner Harbor

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  • Old Towne

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Hey fellow 3.5 ers, and you other guys that just couldnt fork out for the 6. :)

Well I just moved to the DC area and have recently bought me an alti. I would like to do some things to my ca'. Pref. rims and engine mods....I was going to buy some rims [ sorry Dave] and then I thought I was going to get a Z, I changed my mind now Im keeping the altima and could have used those rims i was looking at :(

Oh well if anyone knows of good places around here to get parts, shoot me an email. I am specifically looking for a place in the DC area that will do my DDE's, Exhaust, Intake, Rims, and Custom Leather Interior. Also wire up some screens and an Xbox. if you can point me in teh right direction for these mods, Ill let ya ride in my ALti when its finished.

Oh yeah any word on the custom single turbo for the altima?


Hit me up at : [email protected]

Later 3.5 playaz,

My Alti got da last laugh
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we at maaccmd can hook you up. all of us have mooded 1st gens to 3.5's and we all have connections on getting the best deals. pm me and I'll point you in the right direction.
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