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Hello, I recently purchased a nissan frontier 2004 xe or ex, with the 3.3 engine 4x4. cute little truck about 150K on it.

the dealer said it had been sitting on the lot for a while and it threw some codes. P0505 (think thats the knock sensor) and p0328 (idler valve sensor...don't understand that but it must monitor fuel or air during idle) The codes came on during the test drive but not befor, two cheap sensors

the vehicle's interior and exterior or in pristine condition the seats not even worn, the things had 2 owners and they say it's been well taken care of.

I need a new oil dip stick the end has broken off but I still have the part with the o ring on it so thats a plus. needs itself new tires..looks like they are wearing more on the outside in he front and in the middle of the tires on the rear and the fuel gauge was stuck at 0. I talked the folks down over a grand when purchasing it, drove it home for 2.5 hours with no issues, no noises and the fuel gauge started working again. Rode kinda stiff but small light truck.

so a couple weeks later we start to notice things. I ran some seafoam thru it figured it's a little gummed no biggie.

anyways so I hear a clunk one day but only at low leaf on the rear drive side is broken, just the center one but it's snapped, and the broken part is clicking on the strut..pounded that back into place. Now theres snow and it needs to be fixed.

Now two things I am curious about.

I am hearing a squeaking noise while driving now last two days, it cannot be heard outside the cab, but it's annoying as all hell and reminds me of a loose exhaust or some old front end suspension.

is this a common thing a squeaking with these? like do doors loosen up over time or anything fun like that ( I have worked on cars some but nothing extensive. I help my father run a factory that does component wood parts by the millions)

and the engine lights, I'm shifting kinda hard into second and it idles pretty high 900ish most of the time cold or not, occasionally it idles around the 500-700 I read it's supposed to, but it's consuming a lot of I'm getting around 250 miles per 19 gallon. However I get 22.3 per gallon highway.

the belts plugs and wires look good, fluids are good and clean, I cleaned the maf and replaced the air filter. I hope someone can point me in a direction with this thing I like it and I want to use it as a woods runner this coming summer.

I looked all over the forum most of hte topics I saw where about exteras and altimas..

I have found that with this drive train the fuel sending units often need repalcing and that the knock sensor does indeed go out, I had a friend with an exterra that those are the only two repairs he made to his vehicle. it was also an 04

I found this playlist on youtube

guy seems to have an understanding of whats going on

there is one of the three videos I have watched.

I guess I'd like to see where to start. any help would be nice and I'm about 2 horus from the nearest nissan dealer

thanks for reading
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