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Hi All:

As the title says I am new here but not new to Nissan automobiles. I can even remember when they were Datsun and I owned a Datsun 240Z and had a lot of fun in that car.

My current car while a decent car is very long in the tooth and I want to replace it before something expensive goes wrong. I have always liked the Nissan Maximas and I am looking at a 2001 Maxima GLE tomorrow and I want to ask if there are any specific things I need to be on the lookout for so I don't buy a nightmare. The car I am looking at has low mileage, 160,000 is in good shape and within the last year the current owner has replaced the starter and alternator, front struts, the brakes and rotors all around, given the car a tune up, replaced the timing chain and a few other items. I have talked with him on the phone and he seems like a decent enough guy and he tells me that the car will need to have the windshield replaced and the driver and passenger lower control arm replaced. I have replaced control arms before so I am not afraid to do that and I can get a windshield put in for approx. $150.

I have read the reviews (Edmunds, KBB, and others) and they say that the Gen 5 Maxima is a good car but I want to hear from the guys who actually wrench on the car and drive it every day so Gentlemen what can you tell me? Thanks all and have a great week.
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