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I bought a 2003 Pathfinder LE 6Cycle with only 140,000 miles in 2012. Never had a problem with it for years and years other than the basic maintenance. I live in Mexico, where parts are actually scarce for this truck. Every mechanic tells me it's a solid truck but can't figure out this one problem.
I have had several mechanics (I am on my 3rd one) work on this truck and they can't figure out the problem. I feel like I have replaced every stupid sensor on this truck. Even a new transmission (not approved) but done anyway - that's another story.
Once past 2000 rpm, it loses power. Can't pass- when stepping on gas it just loses power - if I go slow on the accelerator I can get up to a decent highway speed, but as soon as I step on gas loses power.
The original problem on the computer was code P11 - one mechanic even changed the EMC (which it didn't need)
Vacuum valve diaphragm
Valve solenoid
Throttle body
Some other sensor??
temperature sensor
This has been going on for a year or more! I wanted to keep it for beach/hurricane days, but I can't even sell it like this!
Any suggestions please would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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